QMC Expertise

Contract Mgt. and Claims :

Identification, conceptualization, preparation and realization of claims/disputed payments as per the relevant contract conditions. Contract Management pre and post award of Contract.

Drafting of Contract Documents :

Draft the contract documents for EPC, BOT and ITEM RATE contract based on the FIDIC/modified FIDIC basis.

Business development :

Risk assessment, business developments, preparation of tender, report on the project.

Assist foreign companies :

Assist foreign companies to set up their business in India and handle their pre-qualification, tender, post tender and contract management issues

Legal Solutions :

We have worked with Several Law Firms and have a list of most favored Law Firms based on the Expertise required for a particular issue.

Contractual Correspondence :

Correspondence to Client and sub-Contractor with respect to Contract conditions in timely manner during the execution of Works.

About Quantum Meruit

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